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Our 11th race, the Netley 10km, took place on Sunday 17th May. The leagues have been updated - use the tabs above to view.

Please check the Netley results here for teams and here for individual race results and league calculations.

Please let me know any queries affecting HRRL results ASAP.

Please note that the D-Day 10k is still open for HRRL entries but none will be accepted on the day.

A list of entrants for the D Day 10k is posted on the City of Portsmouth A.C. website in alpha and club order and will be periodically updated. City of Portsmouth AC are guaranteeing entries for HRRL club members until 23 May. Please don't miss the deadline if you want to enter.

Our next Hampshire Road Running meeting will be held Monday, 8th June 2015 (day after D-Day 10k) at 7.30pm. This will include and focus on the HRRL AGM - finalising races and any proposals for rule, prize and fee changes for next season.  Venue: Fleming Park Bowling Pavilion, Eastleigh next door to the Leisure Centre.  All Hampshire & District Road Running Clubs are welcome to send representatives.

Annual Best Performances. Hampshire Athletics has in the past staged races from 5 miles to marathon distances to attract the best runners and award Championship medals.  Due to a crowded race schedule we transformed that over the past few years to certify Hampshire Best Performances accross all races, but interest in the idea has waned to the extent that it has been reluctantly dropped for the 2014 year, so no further candidate times should be submitted.

Past HRRL seasons' races may be reviewed from the archive page, and Hampshire Best Performances and Championship results from past years from the Champs page